Scientist working in lab

Mission Statement

It is the mission of WiSeR to provide a platform for professional development and career guidance for young female scientists at The Rockefeller University. WiSeR aims to achieve its goals through focused group discussions, mentoring/advisory opportunities, career workshops, and networking events. WiSeR values equal participation and open intellectual inquiry.

Brief History

WISeR was founded in 2013 by three Rockefeller postdocs who wanted to create a stronger, more supportive, and more collaborative community of women in all disciplines of science. WISeR is open to all grad students, postdocs, research assistants, and research associates.

WISeR would not have been possible without the support of the President's office, the Dean's office, the administration, and members of the Rockefeller faculty. We are very thankful for the enthusiasm and support we have received.